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You Can't Understand ISIS If You Don't Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia

Fascinating link that gives a very good understanding of the etiology and history of ISIS.  If one wants to understand its appeal one should read the link below so that we count ourselves as one of the more informed and not the plethora of ignorant in our nation.

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The Song of Racism--Wikipedia--16th Street Baptist Church Bombing:

"In the early morning of Sunday, September 15, 1963, Bobby Frank Cherry, Thomas Blanton,[1] Herman Frank Cash, and Robert Chambliss, members of United Klans of America, a Ku Klux Klan group, planted a box of dynamite with a time delay under the steps of the church, near the basement.[2] At about 10:22 a.m., twenty-six children were walking into the basement assembly room to prepare for the sermon entitled “The Love That Forgives,” when the bomb exploded.[3][4] Four girls, Addie Mae Collins (age 14), Denise McNair (age 11), Carole Robertson (age 14), and Cynthia Wesley (age 14), were killed in the attack,[5] and 22 additional people were injured, one of whom was Addie Mae Collins' younger sister, Sarah.[6] The explosion blew a hole in the church's rear wall, destroyed the back steps and all but one stained-glass window, which showed Christ leading a group of little children.[7]

Civil rights activists blamed George Wallace, the Governor of Alabama, for the killings. Birmingham was a violent city and was nicknamed “Bombingham”, because the city had experienced more than 50 bombings in black institutions and homes since World War I.[8] Only a week before the bombing Wallace had told The New York Times that to stop integration Alabama needed a "few first-class funerals

I am Trayvon Martin and I am Michael Brown

When Trayvon Martin was killed I called "Make it Plain" progressive talk hosted by Mark Thompson, the African American talk show host, and iterated as caller after caller did that "I am Trayvon Martin." I did this because I truly believed and still do the slaying of Trayvon was unjust, affected all of us and that the acquittal of Zimmerman, a violent man, that followed was and remains one of the most enraging verdicts in our long national nightmare of racial injustice.

Again we are faced with a very similar circumstance -- an African American man was gunned down, in my opinion, unjustly this time not by a vigilante-police-wanna-be thug but by a constitutionally legal white police officer.  Constitutional police officers are imbued with power by the state the rest of us do not have.  There can be no doubt their job is a difficult one but they signed up for it.  It is, therefore, especially incumbent upon police to use lethal force as a last resort when other means are available to arrest an unarmed man.  Yes, the decisions must be made quickly.  I understand that but I believe Michael Brown was an unarmed man running away from an officer whom Mr. Brown knew possessed a firearm that could and we know did ultimately kill him.

Reality speaks: we are a nation divided by race and a nation divided by class.  The divisions are stark and they are written indelibly on the tapestry that is the American soul.  If one is honest, and I do believe I am, one cannot deny the racist reflection one sees in the American mirror.  Racism has been here when the first slave ship transported in chains and against one's will the first African American and pressed him into involuntary servitude.  Racism has been here since the Missouri Compromise, it has been here since the Kansas-Nebraska Act, it has been here since the Dred Scott decision and it has been here during many racist slave-holding presidents of these United States.  It has been here through the Jim Crow laws of segregated drinking fountains, schools, movie theaters and more.  It has been here since the abrogation of the black vote through literacy tests and grandfather’s clauses of Reconstruction and by other means of minority voter suppression today. And it has been here through the cross burnings of the KKK.

It has been here, too, through the assassination of the hope of Lincoln and through the assassination of the arc of justice, Martin Luther King. It has been here since the Alabama bus boycott and Rosa Parks. It has been here through the entering of the University of Mississippi by the first black man, James Meredith.  It has been here through the vicious racists of Bull Connor, George Wallace, and the white noxious hypocrite Mississippi Senator John Stennis who voted against rights for African Americans while he fathered a black child.  It has been here since the brutal slaying of Emmett Till because he had the perceived temerity to look at a white woman, it has been here through the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist church in Alabama and the killing of four innocent young black girls Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson and Denise McNair in it.  It has been here since the slaying of three civil rights workers -- Goodwin, Cheney and Schwerner, and it has been here through the hundreds of hangings of black men memorialized in Billy Holiday's lachrymose rendition of "Strange fruit hanging from the Poplar trees " (YouTube below.)

Why should white people and why should ALL people care about the homicide of a boy, Michael Brown, whom most never knew?  What does it mean to me, a white Jewish woman if an unarmed Michael Brown was shot dead by a white police officer?  It means something because we know the truth and we who know the truth must tell it. Burt Lancaster in his role as a Nazi jurist on trial at Nuremberg for war crimes in the great film "Judgment at Nuremberg" in pertinent part said in his soliloquy:

What about those of us who knew better, we who knew the words were lies and worse than lies? Why did we sit silent? Why did we take part? Because we loved our country. ... What difference does it make if a few racial minorities lose their rights?

And then one day, we looked around and found that we were in an even more terrible danger. The ritual begun in this courtroom swept over the land like a raging, roaring disease. What was going to be a 'passing phase' had become the way of life. Your Honor, I was content to sit silent during this trial. I was content to tend my roses. I was even content to let counsel try to save my name.  Until I realized that in order to save it, he would have to raise the specter again. You have seen him [defense counsel] do it. He has done it here in this courtroom. He has suggested that the Third Reich worked for the benefit of people. He has suggested that we sterilized men for the welfare of the country. He has suggested that perhaps the old Jew did sleep with the 16 year-old girl after all. Once more, it is being done for love of country. It is not easy to tell the truth. But if there is to be any salvation for Germany, we who know our guilt must admit it, whatever the pain and humiliation.

And so, I say that as it applies to this nation, to us and yet again to admit the hard truths of my nation's sins with respect to its citizens of color.  I do iterate yet again another name to add to Trayvon's "I am Michael Brown" and it is in the interest of what is fair and what is just that I do.

There can be NO doubt what we of good conscience must do.  Yes, voting matters so GET OUT THE MINORITY VOTE EVERYWHERE AND ELECT DEMOCRATS EVERYWHERE INCLUDING IN STATE LEGISLATURES.  TAKE BACK THE HOUSE, KEEP THE SENATE AND IN 2016 KEEP THE PRESIDENCY IN DEMOCRATIC HANDS.  It is only then that we can receive the justice we so richly deserve!  Ferguson was 67% black and that should be reflected in the police, in the schools and in all positions of power.  The only way one can get that is through the vote and YOU must ensure that we get that vote!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Perceptibly Ignorant

There is no mysterious subliminal or sub conscious explanation for those who step on their own toes and vote against their own interests.  Their lack of the ability to critically think is perceptibly evident; their ignorance clear for all the world to see.

Our nation is filled with know nothings and getting worse as higher education becomes unaffordable and the education one receives in elementary and high school, sometimes by equally ignorant staff, is often junk.  Experience the torture of watching a Tea Party or Republicon rally to see how serious the dearth of perceptual understanding of – well – most everything from science to the use of expressively correct English is.  Moreover, an understating of our nation’s history with a critical and questioning eye is nearly nonexistent.

I recently wrote an opinion on Dred Scott and its application to the racial events in Ferguson, MO. A friend said he would be willing to bet if one asked people as they walked by on a busy street if they knew and understood the importance of the Dred Scott decision or if they even heard of the name Dred Scott they would say "NO." 

The ignorance of history and the contemporary events of the nation in which our population lives and its electorate votes is staggering and that is why so many vote against their own interests.  They swallow the party line because they know nothing and do not want to know anything else.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ferguson Protests Erupt Near Grave of Ex-Slave Dred Scott, Whose Case Helped Fuel U.S. Civil War

Why history is relevant!  Dred Scott, the former slave vying for his freedom in 1846 in an 11 year legal struggle ending in 1857, was the recipient of the ugliest, most malevolent and worst decision in the history of the United States Supreme Court, rises now from his grave in our time in Ferguson, Missouri.

Chief Justice Taney of that era uttered to the nation the Court's infamous decision eventually culminating in the blood soaked deaths of 620,000 human beings in the American Civil War by ignominiously stating that:

... the authors of the Constitution had viewed all blacks as "beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations, and so far inferior that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect."

This nation has committed a plethora of dastardly acts over centuries against its citizens of color.  I am afraid now the entire nation reaps again what has been sowed.  Are the proverbial chickens are coming home to roost?  Perhaps, simply said, violence is an option for people who have no other options. 

History matters and whom we elect surely does.  It is why I consistently and without equivocation or reversal steadfastly believe the nation will live or it will die if we do not recognize the right of all to equality under the law.  Voting rights is the oxygen of that equality and breathes life into our democratic way life.

Register to vote all persons of color, Hispanics, the young, the elderly, the disabled and all those who can vote and should.  Overturn the Republican vicious and racist stranglehold of the U.S. House, keep the Democratic majority in the Senate and by all and many means necessary hold the White House in 2016.  Forward this to anyone you choose.

I post the Utube of the relevance of the Dred Scott decision below.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

BLAME -- Ferguson, MO

The racial violence in Ferguson, Missouri is dismaying. It is dismaying, in part, because of what our illustrious Supreme Court five in error have said.  They took a vital limb of the 1964 Civil Rights Act amputated and dismembered it.  The Solomon-less-than-wise five incredulously said we are in a post racial society so the special vigilance of the 1964 Civil Rights Act is now irrelevant as the old issues of race simply do not apply.  What they said and what they did is hilarious if it were not so serious and consequential.  The Republican five on SCOTUS got it wrong but who of us is surprised?

Some -- mostly whites -- are saying that the robbery photo of Mr. Brown is important to see because, after all, character counts.  They say the photo has an implication in the shooting and killing of the victim by police because it may serve to verify the officer's accusation that the victim violently accosted him.  There may be some truth to that BUT however "evil" the stealing of a box of cigars is it does not speak to nor justify the killing of a man by police even if that man stole the box of cigars and then stood in the middle of a street.  I aver history's evil is of larger consequence.

Persons of color in this nation have been treated unjustly for not only decades but centuries. The issue of the shooting and killing of Mr. Brown by a white policeman is seen by many persons of color as business as usual and just another stone on the mountain of discriminatory injustice whites have, historically and continually, even in our era, built against them.

Those people of Missouri that are on the other side of town, the white side, who say looting is unheard of on their side have never experienced decades of unequal justice that persons of color have known.  They never have to worry if they go into a neighborhood that they might be killed simply because of the color of their skin.  I need not enumerate the centuries of injustices perpetrated by whites against blacks to prove my point. The black discriminatory experience in this nation has been like no other and still is.  The Supreme Court, yet again, was consummately wrong. 

The essence of the issue as to why people become violent is because nothing else works.  Whites say to vote but even the vote is made harder for persons of color by Republican whites.  Voter suppression is legally approved racism across this allegedly "democratic" nation.  What is left?  Answer: Anger and lots of it because a selected group of people feel systemically left out of the arc of justice even after all these years of struggle and you know what?  I do not blame them because the arc of justice is bending away from and not towards them all the time!

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Fault

I blogged the following in response to a news report entitled "Should Obama Do More on Ferguson and Other Racial Issues?"  Link below.  Sorry for the less than pristine prose.  My anger got the best of me.  Drat that anger.  The article I blogged about is critical of the president on matters of race!  My anger welled up and my head exploded.

Those who criticize our president should get OFF just GET OFF his back.  This man gets opposition no matter WHAT he does.  Do you think he knows we live in a racist nation?  YOU BET HE DOES.  So what should he do?  Provoke a race war, just what the moron right wingnuts and NRA gun nuts are dying to have.  Sure play into their rancid hands.  Stand your ground laws are a state thing so what should he do get this venomous House to pass a law abandoning it in all 50 states?  Right and I can climb Everest (I can't!)  Republicans control state legislatures and governors' offices.  Good luck trying to have control over them.

How ANYONE on this planet can criticize this president for TRYING at least TRYING to do what his heart has wanted from day one and that is be a UNITER not a divider.  It is IMPOSSIBLE with a white Republican racist House that does NOT want to unite but wants to divide and take the president down

It is a pre-Civil War era type obstructionist House, immoral and rotten to its roots.  How is a president going to overcome that?  YOU the voter did that to him and to the rest of us when you put in the ugly white tea baggies to spew their venom and obstruct policy on every level. Our president can barely get an office appointment through. And what did REPUBLICRATS want in 2010?  To take away health care.  Yes, health care so people can die without it because their Republicon heart made of a rock does not care.

The fault dear Brutus is NOT in the stars or with our president but with YOU the voter who voted these poisonous snakes into office to stop the president at every corner because they simply do not like him and his skin color that comes with him. GET RepubliCONS OUT OF OFFICE in November BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY and then he will get something done for our nation in the process.